Everybody has a story! Mine began years ago in Maywood, Illinois, born as part of a duet known as the McKinney Twins. Determined to be a writer, I got a degree in English from the University of Illinois, but several years later, I “. . . took the road less traveled,” and discovered that I could combine my love for nature with the smiles of young children.  My environmental portrait business was born.  Two years later, I began photographing weddings, and have spent more than 30 years capturing the emotions of couples starting their lives together. Destination weddings took me throughout the United States and gave me a chance to combine two of my passions — photography and travel.

My heart for acknowledging the whispers of God in nature coaxed me down the road of landscape photography, and I began selling my images for wall decor in residential, medical, and commercial settings. Our portrait and environmental work has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, and is displayed in homes, hospitals, hotels, and corporate settings.

But my greatest passion in this chapter of my life is for humanitarian photography. There’s a line in a popular Christian song that says, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours. . .”   By traveling to areas of need, I’m able to use the gifts God has given me to share the stories of those who need a voice.  I have wept with mothers waiting for their children to receive much-needed cleft-lipt and palate surgery in the Philippines . . . laughed with children in orphanages in the sand dunes of Peru and the mountaintop of Haiti . . . danced with barefooted women in a tiny village in Malawi . . . and sat silent with the people of New Orleans after their homes had been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  I have learned MUCH from them all, and have passionately shared their stories with my heart and my camera.

So, what’s YOUR story?