Hospital Wall Decor

Hospital and clinic projects provide an opportunity to combine the art of photography with the heart of the artist.  Special attention must be paid to the message the art conveys, and sensitivity to the emotions of the viewer are more important than ever.

We’ve been privileged to provide artwork for an oncology unit, and even started a “profile wall,” featuring at-home images of staff members engaged in their hobbies, to add a human touch to the walls. We’ve added colorful images to pediatric rooms, hallways, and waiting areas, and photographed preemies for walls in a new neonatal unit. We’ve consulted on artwork for an auditory oral school, providing artwork for their donor wall,  classrooms, and treatment areas, and were commissioned to do two, large photomontages for the lobby the Carle Heart and Vascular Institute in Urbana, IL.  We’d be happy to talk to you about your special needs, and create artwork for your project.






Other Hospital Projects